2021 Grant Recipients – “Connect and Contribute”

Colac & District Family History Group treasurer Lynette Genua and assistant secretary Lexie Picken look at records on the groups new server. Picture: SWCF

The Colac & District Family History Group (CDFHG) will use a grant from the Colac Sub Fund to upgrade their computer infrastructure allowing researchers to work from home.

Media and project coordinator Merrill O’Donnell said the two phase project will be a massive step for CDFHG, and especially important for members who have been isolated by COVID lockdowns over the last year.

“All of the volunteers who have to isolate will still be able to access everything they are working on from home,” Ms O’Donnell said.

“This project will keep people connected as they continue working and sharing information with each other, they can continue the mental stimulation rather than just sitting around the house.

“It’s helping to keep them sane.”

Ms O’Donnell said the server would not have been upgraded without the grant.

“We have to work hard to raise every dollar,” she said. “The work we do is about preserving local history, and it is great to know the money for this server was raised in the local community. We really feel we are giving to the community and getting back from the community.

“We are so grateful to receive this grant.”

The first phase of the project to replace an old, slow server has already been completed, with plans for moving all of the research material to an searchable online database progressing well.

December 31, 2021