November 2020

A Difficult and Rewarding Year for the Leadership Great South Coast program

Scholarship recipient Catherine Fitzgerald worked through a year like no other and still was able to get so much from this outstanding program. Our community should benefit for many years to come as a result.

“I have been given the power to realise that I do have the
capacity to make a difference. I can help to create a more
connected community, and I can lead. To do this I do not
have to be a manager, a business owner or a university
graduate, I only have to be a person, with the drive to
improve the community I live in.”

Read the full story in her year end report below



Nov 2018

New Horse for Warrnambool RDA thanks to South West Community Foundation.

South West Community Foundation chair Barrie Baker said Daphne had proven to be very popular with the riders.

“The community foundation is about local people helping local causes,

“We are particularly keen on things that enrich the community and this is certainly an example of that enrichment.

“You can tell from how much enthusiasm they have that they enjoy it.

“This is a terrific activity and it’s a great joy for the foundation to be involved with it.”

Warrnambool RDA senior coach and coordinator Colleen Fawkes has been very happy to have the new pony so they can cater for another rider.

“Daphne has been a great little pony, she is just the right size and just the right personality for the kids,” Mrs Fawkes said.

“It can be difficult to find the right horses, they have to have the right temperament.”

2017 – 2020

Camperdown & District Community House – Foodbank Service

The Foundation was proud to support the Foodbank in 2007 with great results for the community.  In 2018 the Foundation also provided the Community House with sponsorship for the next three years until 2020.

Emily Mercer, Coordinator,stated about this project:

“The grant money was used to purchase non-perishable food products as stock for the Camperdown & District Food Bank and distribution of food relief hampers to those in in need of emergency food relief in our community and across our district. Along with purchasing goods for the immediate distribution of hampers, the funding was also used to purchase non-perishable food for storage stock as a part of our service sustainability plan.

With the funding from SWCF and support from Food Bank Victoria, Camperdown and District was able to provide the increase in food aid required for those impacted by the St. Patrick Day fires, whereas prior to receiving this funding the service may not have been in a position where this additional demand could be met without to sacrificing the usual service demand and delivery. The Camperdown & District Community House also delivered food hampers directly to families impacted by the fires as a part of the Corangamite Shire relief and support efforts immediately following the event. This provided not only food relief, but connection, personal support and the opportunity to refer individuals and families to other supports and services available to them.

The Camperdown & District Food Bank volunteers wish to express their deep gratitude to SWFC for providing the funding and showing the understanding and appreciation that even though our service is a relatively small one in comparison to others, this does not mean that our service is unimportant or without positive and lasting impact on and in our community. The provision of this funding shows that SWCF truly sees the value and benefit of community strengthening enterprises, regardless of how many bells and whistles, size or reach. We will always be indebted to the Foundation for your support.