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We are proud to announce that an almost abandoned project has been resurrected and will go ahead with the help of our 2021 Granting Round. A significant contribution from the Koroit and District Fund has enabled the community BBQ, previously slated for the grounds of the Old Koroit Railway Station, to go ahead later this year. The area is quickly becoming a community hub for the district and we are proud to have supported many projects in this area, and the Rail Trail generally, over many years.

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The Koroit and District Sub Fund of South West Community Foundation came about through the closure of the Koroit and District Health Service.  The Service’s Board decided to direct the residual funds to the Foundation for the benefit of the local community. The funds were received in 2013 and 2014 and are now invested and generating interest to grant to charitable community projects in Koroit and surrounding areas.

Following the official development and announcement of the Koroit and District Sub Fund in May 2013, the Koroit and District Sub Fund made its first grants in 2013 and has continued to make grants annually.

Ray Kaynes is the chair for the Sub Fund Advisory Committee which is made up of local people.  Advisory Committee members donate their time and expertise to advise the Board of South West Community Foundation on granting priorities for the local area. Advisory Committee Members of Koroit and District Sub Fund:

The Koroit and District Sub Fund is keen to support the development of community projects and welcome enquiries.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this Sub Fund Committee please contact Ray Kaynes via the Foundation’s email: info@southwestcommunityfoundation.org

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