Give to grow with the South West Community Foundation

The South West Community Foundation has been created by the people of South West Victoria, for the people of South West Victoria.

The Foundation was established in 2007 through the vision of Josie Black OAM to strengthen the community of South West Victoria through the encouragement of local philanthropy.

By coming together through the SWCF to pool philanthropic funds through donations, bequests and endowments, people and organisations in the South West are able to help build and strengthen local community groups and organisations, incubate and advance ideas and opportunities and respond to issues and needs at a regional and a local community level, contributing to a strong South West.

The Foundation works in partnership with donors, local organisations and the community to strengthen the region, and we are uniquely placed to understand and respond to the needs of our community.

Donate to support your local community

South West Victorians are philanthropists in so many ways. We give our time, expertise, money and other resources to advance our own community and the world at large. Donations to South West Community Foundation are donations to our community that go on giving forever. Please consider donating today.