2021 Grant Recipients – Strategic grant starts sausages sizzling in Koroit.

A new BBQ will be installed in the Koroit Railway Station precinct, on the Warrnambool to Port Fairy Rail Trail, thanks to a strategic grant of $31,142 from the Koroit Sub Fund.

The large grant was approved to help the progression of this ‘signature project’

Ian Bodycoat, the Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail Committee secretary/treasurer said it is fantastic to be able to move this project forward.

“We have always tried to make the Koroit section a community hub, keeping the area in front of the platform free for events like the Carols by Candlelight,” Mr Bodycoat said.

“I have been wanting for a long time to put a BBQ in to finish off the area, now we have the funds to be able to do this.

Concept plans for the BBQ have been developed with a galvanised iron structure to match the existing Goods Shed the current design.The Rail Trail Committee is waiting on the final plans to be approved by an engineer before beginning construction.

“As soon as we have the final plans we will go out to builders, we will try and pick a local builder. (The BBQ) will not be ready until next year (2022),” Mr Bodycoat said. “We also need to upgrade the power at the railway station, and a local electrician is looking after this for us.”

“Provided we can get a local builder, all of the money will go back into the local community. The committee is very pleased the local funding bodies are continuing to support these local projects.

“Very pleased with the ongoing nature of the support from the South West Community Foundation.”

Brian Trotter, SWCF Koroit Sub Fund chair, said the group tried to fund projects in the Koroit and district area and organisations people can access. Other projects funded in the Railway Station precinct include installing the fitness equipment and the playground, repairing the Goods Shed with new beams, and construction of the neighbouring youth space.

“When we allocate funds it’s like throwing a stone in the water,” Mr Trotter said. “We have felt if a signature project came along we could put money in to help it get off the ground. Up until this year nothing has ticked this major project box.

“The whole (Koroit Railway Station) precinct is a very popular area, the BBQ is certainly going to add to the facility of the precinct. At the end of the day it’s going to mean a lot to the community.

“Even now people will go down and have a picnic at the table, they sit on the platform and have a picnic, the BBQ will be complementary to the room (in the station available for hire). I can imagine if there is a BBQ there you can hire the room for a function and have a BBQ only a few meters away and bring it all in.

“It’s going to mean a lot to the wider community, not just the people of Koroit.”

December 31, 2021