2021 Grant Recipients – ‘Stoked Surf Therapy’

Brophy Family and Youth Services have received a grant of $5000 to run the Stoked surf therapy program.

Brophy Community Connections Coordinator Anna Sanderson said it was amazing to have the opportunity to help build connections between young people while using the surf to improve their mental health.

“During COVID we needed to rethink how we do things, with all of the stresses on young people being able to connect when everything was cancelled,” Ms Sanderson said. “Stoked combines surfing with mental health, helping to build connections between people.”

Ms Sanderson said connections were made between participants and the surfing mentors who volunteered their time.

“It’s just fantastic to see the local community believe in this program. Our mentors have said they wouldn’t have been surfing on some of the nights because the weather was bad,” she said. “It’s amazing this funding can go to the local community, and especially to help young people.”

“With surfing, the water is down here and we are allowed to be down here, so we wanted to introduce this to young people in the community who might not have the equipment, skills and knowledge, or the confidence to go out and try surfing.”

Stoked participant Emma Keegan said it is always good to get out in the water, even if you don’t catch a wave.

The Brophy Stoked program will run across six weeks, starting in November.

December 31, 2021