Colac Region Sub Fund

Community grants, funding programs, donations and incentives for Colac district

The Colac Region Sub Fund was the first Sub Fund of South West Community Foundation. The Colac community rose to the challenge and raised $100,000 by June 2010 in order to be eligible for a $100,000 grant from the Victorian Government. This matching fundraising allowed the Sub Fund to apply for a further $200,000.

The Colac Region Sub Fund now operates with a minimum capital of $400,000, which is held in perpetuity. The investment income earned is directed to the Colac Region community to support charitable community projects and initiatives. The Sub Fund Committee was delighted to make their first grants in November 2010 and has continued to make grants annually.

Benefits to the Colac community include:

  • Grants to organisations working to make Colac a better community
  • Partnerships with other funding bodies to help make projects happen
  • Advocacy to groups on behalf of the Colac community
  • Focus on education, skill development and strengthening community
  • Involvement of community representatives in fund-raising and provision of advice
  • Increased awareness of community needs

The Colac Region Sub Fund Advisory Committee members are appointed by the Board of South West Community Foundation. Their role is to provide advice to the Board on granting priorities for the Colac Region, to promote the Sub Fund and to fundraise for the Sub Fund.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Colac Sub Fund please contact Robyn Alexander, Chair of the Sub Fund, at the Foundation’s email email:

Read articles of projects the Colac Sub Fund has supported:

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