SWCF Grants 2023

The SWCF has hit pause on the funding round for 2023, but it is all for good reason. 

The foundation is going through a ‘getting to know you’ period, with a revised vision for the future of the SWCF grant offering.  This year will be spent meeting with communities from across the Warrnambool, Moyne, Glenelg, Southern Grampians, Corangamite, and Colac Otway local government areas to gain a greater understanding of what communities want and need from the foundation, and how funds can be best used for the greatest benefit. 

Throughout 2023, the Foundation will listen and learn from the community, with the aim of inviting communities to help shape the Foundation’s future. 

The first step in this engagement process is to re-educate the region about the Foundation – what it does, who it has supported, the number of communities that have benefitted, and the amount of funding that has been allocated since it began in 2007.  

SWCF continues to provide vital funds to many community activities and projects, and 2023 seems provides an opportunity to reflect on the great things that have been achieved and to remind the region about this.  Positive engagement with communities throughout the year will allow a renewed focus and growth in our funding approach for 2024.  

This year offers a chance for the community to express what they want, what they need, and for the SWCF to listen and educate on what can be achieved when we work together. 

The goal of the foundation has always been to celebrate, support and strengthen the community of South West Victoria.  This revised direction for the grant offering is indicative of that.  The SWCF will be hosting a series of meetings across the region in the coming months. This is the first step in the foundation identifying how grants can be best used to create the most positive impact in the area.