2017 Grant – Hands on Learning Brauer College St Helens Bio Link Landcare Project

Hands on Learning Brauer College: St Helens Bio Link Landcare Project was supported by the Niall Foundation facilitated through the South West Community Foundation.

Part of the media released noted:

During an event in October 2017 the east boundary fence between the reserve and the adjoining managed Blue Gum Plantation was noted for its derelict state. As with all Crown Land in Victoria, it is the adjoining landholder who is responsible for fixing boundary fences – so the question was raised about how replacing the fence to prevent stock access, could be turned into a training outcome for a group of young people from Brauer College in Warrnambool who are hungry for land based practical skills.

The Basalt to Bay Landcare Network took up the challenge to progress talk to do – and as a result six students in Year 8 Hands on Learning Program at Brauer College recently came with their trainers to finish building the new 370m long boundary fence. Australian Bluegums Pty Ltd funded getting the old fence removed, all the materials, and getting the new posts driven ahead of training day. ABP Contract fencer Matt Rentsch and ABP Forester Jess Domaschenz making sure that was completed ahead of weather that makes this site inaccessible. The Niall Foundation via regional funder the South West Community Foundation resourced the transport to this remote site and Australian hose manufacturer Pope Industries in Adelaide gifted 370m of hose to help make the new fence e more visible to wildlife.

Hands on Learning is a program committed to preventing the harm of early school leaving by creating opportunities at school for young people to discover their talents and experience success. In working with The Basalt to Bay Landcare Network and forestry the Brauer College chapter have gained valuable practical skills in fencing and enabled the students to contribute to the health of our regional Parks.

Have a look for yourself at how fantastic it is to see young people with little fencing knowledge learn on site and go on in the same day to build a fence. This is the video of the students at work.