2018 Back to School Vouchers

In 2018 the South West Community Foundation has facilitated 826 $50 Target Back to School vouchers worth $41,300 to over 66 schools within the south west region of Victoria.

108 of these vouchers were recently provided to schools impacted by the St Patrick’s Day Fires. We wish these families well in the coming months and know that the Foundation will be here for the long haul if they require further assistance!!!

The Foundation wishes to thank the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) and the Isobel and David Jones Family Foundation for their generous support in the provision of these vouchers along with our Foundation.

Feedback received from Principal’s:

“The families identified to receive these vouchers are experiencing significant hardship so they are very grateful for this support. The donation has a significant impact – not only from a financial level, but also from a wellbeing perspective. The donation of practical support, in the form of a voucher, sends a message that there are people who care about them in our community. South West Community Foundation does a fantastic job supporting local projects and groups. Our school community is most appreciative of this kind gesture to support for families and children in need in our community. Keep up the great work!”

“Fabulous program… we have several families doing it tough here and struggling to send their children to school in necessary clothing and shoes.”

“Once again I am very thankful for the support you provide to our school families in this way. I believe that this form of support is very responsive to the difficulties that many families experience at this time of the year. Your program sits very well alongside other ways school communities throughout our region try and support young people.”

April 23, 2018