Re-branding for the Foundation for its 10th year Anniversary!

The South West Community Foundation which has been supporting community projects and social support activities across the region for 10 years this year, has decided to celebrate with a change of image.

The Foundation operates by receiving donations from the community to build a perpetual trust fund and then using the investment income from that fund to provide grants back to worthy projects in the community. In the 10 years since it was established by local community activist Josie Black, the Trust funds have grown to just in excess of $2 million. This in turn has provided more than $500,000 back to the community in grants, with another $120,000 soon to be announced for 2017.

Foundation Board Chair, Barrie Baker, said he believed that these significant milestones are worth celebrating, so the Board has decided on the updated new logo. “The clever new logo represents the community and a hand which can both give and receive,” Mr Baker said. “The new catch line of ‘Give to Grow’ also speaks of both the generous people who give to increase the Foundation’s trust funds and the Foundation’s role in giving to those in need to strengthen the community in south west Victoria”. The colours of blue and green were also chosen as colours of the south west – the land and the sea.

“The old logo of a growing tree with the old catch line of ‘From the ground up’ were certainly relevant to the humble beginnings of the Foundation. However, we hope that we are now better established and the new style is appropriate.”

“There are lots of worthy causes out there across the world, but there is also an enormous amount of need in our own community and the Foundation is a way for us to address some of this need. This is particularly true at a time when need to rely less on government”, added Karen Norris, the Foundation’s part time Executive Officer.

The South West Foundation is one of 36 similar community foundations across Australia. “Strengthening communities, especially regional communities, in this way is becoming an important part of our social fabric,” Ms Norris said.

“If anyone out there would like to make a tax deductible donation to help us, they can do it through our website at . Your community will benefit forever.”

Along with the new branding watch this space soon with a revamped website!