2014 Grant Recipients

The 2014 Grant Recipients have been chosen from 49 project applications requesting more than $173,000 in grants.  We are very please to announce that the Isobel and David Jones Family Foundation and The FJ (Fletcher Jones) Foundation have entered into Partnership Agreements with South West Community Foundation to fund projects from this round.  This has meant that an additional 9 projects have been funded and an additional one hundred $50 Education Vouchers have been allocated to assist families in need  with the cost of education. The 2014 Grant Recipients are:

South West Community Foundation Open Fund and Public Fund

Warrnambool Symphony Orchestra Inc
$1000 for the project, The Day Is Ended
 Cavendish Townscape Association Inc
$1000 for the project, Placing Cavendish on Notice
Casteron P & A Society Inc
$1000 for the project Casterton P & A Show
Fishcare Victoria
$2,300 for the project Fishcare South West Mobile Education Unit
 Melville Forest Community Centre Inc
$3,960 for the project, Melville Forest Hall Refurbishment Project
Hamilton Community Garden Association
$1,640 for the project, Blooming Access and Art at the Hamilton Community Gardens
Hamilton Community House Inc
$4,500 for the project, STAR (Support and Teaching Awareness Resources) Boxes Project
South West Community Foundation Koroit and District Sub Fund
St Patrick’s Primary School Koroit
$1,430.91 for the project, An “Eggcellent” Future
Kirkstall Recreation Reserve Committee
$4,000 for the project, Kirkstall Kreative Play-scape

South West Community Foundation Colac Sub Fund

 Colac Neighbourhood House
$1,318.18 for the project Neighbourhood House Read and Play Centre
Trinity College Colac Inc
$1,818.18 for the project, Trinity College Community Service Project
$2,000.00 for the project, Generator which will enable outdoor broadcasts
The Colac and District Historical Society Incorporated
$2,783.00 for the project, Colac History Centre Rejuvenation Project
Colac Music Teachers Association Incorporated
$1,700.00 for the project CMTA Eisteddfod 2014
Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery Inc.
$720.00 for the project, Lighting up the Gallery
Alvie Consolidated School
$800.00 for the project, Colac LEGO brick Club, Growing the LEGO Brick Club

Isobel and David Jones Family Foundation

Port Fairy Historical Society Inc
$3,000.00 for the project, Digital History                           
Life Be In It Australia Limited     
$5,000.00 for the project, Loving Opera Theatre Within Reach   
Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative Ltd.
$3,500.00 for the project, Kooramook Possum Skin Project
Ex Libris Port Fairy Book Fair Inc.            
$4,346.00 for the project Stories of the Sea                                    
Trax Big Band Inc.
$1,198.00 for the project, Fold Back Speakers
Organ Festival                              
$500.00 for the project Warrnambool Organ Festival                                               
Fairy Film Society
$6,000.00 for the project, Port Digital Cinema Protocol (D.C.P.) projection upgrade
$5,000.00 for an additional one hundred $50 Education Vouchers      

Fletcher Jones Foundation

The F Project Inc.
$5,000.00 for the project, The Artery Retail Shop and Gallery                                 
School for Social Entrepreneurs
$5,000.00 for the project, Melbourne Accelerator Program South West Bursary
August 23, 2014